I like to wander around in the dark.Exploring the unknown.

I’ve always been a curious one, looking for new places in the urban landscape that surrounds me in my daily life. Roaming around in the dark streets at night or wandering through abandoned buildings in search for that one perfect shot. The eerie feeling of emptiness and complete silence, it’s something I’ll never forget.

There is something about walking into a dark building, the feeling of not knowing what to expect, the magical atmosphere of the unknown. Sometimes a place can be a total bust and be on the brink of collapse, but other times you end up in a gem of a building with a lot of items left behind. That is what drives me to explore.

This website is where you can read about my explores and where you can see the photos I shoot during these adventures. My style can somewhat be described as dark and mysterious, something I’ve always been interested in during my life. Let me take you on a journey to the unknown, peeling back the layers of time…


Somebody who isn't afraid to get lost,will find himself new roads to travel.